Woodheys Primary School

Aims: To gain a better understanding of energy use within school and homes.

Viva Arts and Community Group

Aims: To create awareness on green issues within the community

The Whitminster Centre

Aims: To increase awareness of climate change and to understand what a 'carbon footprint' is (and how to reduce your carbon footprint). To increase recycling and composting at the centre as well as reducing electricity use.

Thakur College of Science & Commerce

Aims: To reduce vehicle pollution in Mumbai and to create awareness of high level of fuel/vehicle pollution in Mumbai

Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School

Aims: To create awareness on green issues within the community...

Sibford School

Aims: To look at practical projects in school to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and recommend some of these to the business manager.

Shrubberies School

Aims: To explore how resources are used in school and how to save energy and money. For everyone in school to be involved.

Queen Elizabeth II High School

Aims: To offset carbon emissions from school transport by planting trees and encouraging students to walk, cycle or bus to school.

Precious Blood Girls

Aims: To create awareness on pollution and environmental concerns in Nairobi, to educate about waste management systems and the need to recycle plastics and to turn waste plastic bags into a useful and saleable commodity

Oxford Community School

Aims: The ICC group used a video to show how it achieved green flag status by undertaking a range of different environmental projects involving the whole school.